Mr Albert See (许炳辉)
ASA Holiday Managing Director / CEO / Founder
董事长/董事经理/ 创办人

By the early 90s, Mr. Albert See had journeyed on to establish another multinational travel company with Indonesian business tycoons to further develop Singapore and Malaysia markets travel to China on a full scale. This project took a short period of three years to create a premium company for travel business and leisure to the world especially china. In the development stage, the company had used intensive publicity of more than 30 million dollars on advertising and promotions for its branding.

This enabled the company a solid foundation with great potential for further expansion. During those days ASA Holidays were the first to organize various large sale travel fairs and give away grand draw prizes like our ‘Million-dollar Luxury Car draw’, till date with more than 10 Mercedes-Benz luxury saloons drawn. Among other initiatives, Mr. Albert see had also sponsored Chinese serial travel programs like “Jiang Shan Wan Li Xing” to publicize Singapore’s first Grand banquet held at great hall of the people with 1500 persons at every one time, a rare treat for customers to experience such as “National guest” would.

This also brought about multiple chartered flights to large cities in China that made China “available to all” not only in Singapore but Malaysia as well. Another memorable project which he holds dearly was the historic affair in 1997, the handover of Hong Kong to China. Once again ASA Holiday was the only travel agency to have the resources to lead more than thousand people to Hong Kong for the grand ceremony banquet to witness the handover to China.

It all started with a dream to make ‘Travel available to all’. Always on the look-out for new ways to allow joy to travel, and be a leader in differentiated tour programs. Came the next waves, experiencing and participating in global history worthy events for our customers. Mr. Albert See launched the ‘President China Tour’ to follow President Clinton’s footsteps on his historic visit to China. In Xi’an grand ‘Emperor Of flourish Tang Touring to Town Grand Ceremony’ was held, with more than a thousand participants. A joking remark was made by some of the tour participants: “You were really more terrific in comparison with the president.” Main leaders of Xi’an City Council Government also joined and witness the grand ceremony. The then Mayor of Xi’an City had made a reception to honor the main officers-in-charge of the travel group. He pointed at the reception: “It is a first for such organization of large scale travel groups visiting Xi’an at the same day.”

Among the last 50 years of travel, the peak was reached during early 1980s where our travel business has expanded globally. Mr. Albert See set up branches or companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, New Zealand etc., to let millions of tourists travel globally whilst getting travel services feel like home-service. The investment used for setting up of company and branding publicity in advertising and promotions were an estimate of several hundred millions of dollars. ASA Holidays is an extension and inheritance of the solid foundations accumulated over several decades of global travel business.

Entering into the 21 century, the main shareholders with no intention of continuing the business sold their shares to a Taiwanese. Being a small shareholder in this establishment, I have decided to relinquish my shares. Soon after the “Huan Wo Zhuangli Shanhe” through a turbulent period, and with all the success since I started my humble business pooling more than 5 million, Mr. Albert have decided to bring back a team of key executives with together more than 100 years of experience. We continued to establish the present Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel Pte Ltd, with strong belief that he will not only allow travel ‘available to all’ but at the same time inject a ‘joy to travel’ as well.

As travellers become more affluent and well-travelled, Mr. Albert See wanted our customers to be part of any history-worthy global events in the making. While keeping true to his dream of making ‘Travel available to all’ coupled with ‘joy to travel’ ASA Holiday has made these history-worthy global events affordable to the masses. Among these events were Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai World Exposition 2010, Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010 & the coming Xi’an Int’l Horticultural Expo 2011 set to open in April 2011. It has become a tradition for ASA Holiday to charter flights over the Chinese New Year Spring Festival yearly to celebrate with different cultures in our world. Some of ASA Holiday most notable destination would be Northern Harbin Ice & Snow, Guizhou, Yunnan and Taiwan.

Looking back Mr. Albert See realized he have been in the travel industry for half century. He has not only witness but personally participated in the vicissitudes of travel business in Singapore, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia etc. He was blessed with the opportunity to nurture a few start-up businesses and watch it successfully mature into ‘cash cows’. Reminiscing when he first started this dream with only five hundred dollars capital, although there were many challenges, there was also much joy, watching the expressions and happiness on our customers when they first touch snow, or first time sitting on a plane. These are precious moments money can’t buy and if he had to start all over again, he would not change a single thing. He shall not rest in his laurels and will continue to pursue that one dream ‘Travel made available to all’ and ‘Lifetime of Joy Travel’ with Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel simply known as ASA Holidays.

Air Sino-Euro Associates Travel's strength lies in its rich and extensive travel experience accumulated for more than 100 years. Many of its team members have been in the trade for over a decade, with its key management boasting of more than a quarter century of experience in worldwide travel. Like good old wine in a new bottle, it is a new-age agent in a brand new packaging yet full-bodied with good favour cultivated over the years.

More affectionately known as ASA Holidays, the home-grown travel agency is a holiday hypermart that offers extensive outbound travel services to destinations worldwide and caters to everyone in the family regardless of age, profile and demographics.

Be it a customised holiday for that savvy and largely-independent backpacker or a thoughtfully-planned group tour for a value and memorable holiday, there's something for everyone at ASA Holidays. The agency also prides itself as being able to weave in more individuality and flexibility in the itineraries, as well as maintain variety in the type of experiences offered for more well-travelled customers.

In addition, the experienced travel professionals at ASA Holidays can provide timely, accurate information and dedicated help in corporate travel. Whether a small and medium-sized enterprise or a multinational company, one can count on the agency to tailor a rewarding, enriching and unforgettable holiday.

Our Mission: To be an efficient and customer-centric company, achieving the highest satisfaction for our customers, people and shareholders. We aim to provide a premium range of quality travel products at the most competitive pricing, and through outstanding, personalized services. To continually innovate in our product offerings, yet maintaining the flexibility to adapt to evolving market trends.

Our Vision: To be recognized as a World Class Travel Agency and the preferred choice for holiday and travel needs, distinguished by innovativeness and dedication to our customers, people and shareholders.

Our Values: We strive to achieve excellence and deliver results in a professional and responsible way through MERIIT. These corporate values are the foundation of our culture and guide our day-to-day interaction with each other.

(M)eritocracy - We recognise and reward based on contributions and achievements.

(E)xcellence - We are passionate about delivering results, and are committed to continually improve and succeed in everything we do.

(R)espect for People - We believe that people are our most valuable assets, and we value the unique contributions of every person.

(I)ntegrity - We apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards in our conduct, both as individuals and as an organisation.

(I)nnovation - We constantly look for ways to do things better by providing an environment where we can learn from our failures as well as our successes.

(T)eamwork - We are a community with diverse strengths working together to achieve a common goal.

Specialists in

1.     Specially-planned quality tours

2.     Incentive & corporate packages

3.     Chartered flights

4.     Affordable group packages

5.     Affordable free & easy tours

6.     Worldwide ticketing & hotel reservations

7.     Cruise packages

8.     Visa applications

9.     Travel insurances

  • Organized tour for overseas Chinese to visit Tomb of Huang Di
  • Launched first regular chartered flight to Silk Road
  • Grand celebration at Great Hall of the People celebrating Chinese New Year and Beijing chosen host city of Olympics 2008


  • Set up new travel agency with focus on tours to China and becoming the market leader within 3 years
  • Lucky Draws giving out more than 10 Mercedes-Benz and luxury cars
  • Sponsored TV programme 'Jiang Shan Wan Li Xing' for China packages
  • From 1992, for 6 years, launched a maiden chartered flight specially to Kunming and Sanya, Hainan etc
  • World broadcast of China tour with main highlight being a grand dinner held at Great Hall of the People where customers were treated as national guests
  • Chartered entire five-star luxury liners Eastern King and Eastern Queen for cruise along Chang Jiang River
  • Only travel agency in history to fly 1500 customers from Singapore and Malaysia to witness the historic handover of Hong Kong to China
  • Launched 'President China Tour' to follow President Clinton's footsteps on his historic visit to China
  • Witnessed the handover of Macau to China
  • Made a mark in the travel history of Singapore by carrying passengers on an exclusive flight from Paya Lebar Airport to be the first flight to land at the opening of the new Changi International Airport. Established new company - first to charter SIA 747 Jumbo flight 'Joyride' followed by Concorde charter flight around the Atlantic Ocean and British Channel.
  • Chartered Oriental Princess liner to launch leisure & honeymoon cruise package 'Cruise to Nowhere' and cruises to Phuket and HongKong
  • Took a Break! Prepare for new journeys ahead at the dawn of a new era in travel
  • Expansion of branches to Malaysia, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Sydney to become largest travel agency in Asia
  • First to launch Osaka Exposition (Expo 70). The promotion slogan 'Come sleep with us' as all hotels were fully booked for 6 months. Also launched Okinawa World Exposition (Expo 75)
  • Developed new travel concept - Mass Wedding & honeymoon packages
  • Developed new concept of 'Travel around the world at affordable price'
  • Albert See & friend started travel industry in Singapore with tours to Thailand and Malaysia
  • Launched flights to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila