Tour Highlight:

★ Special arrangement 5 Nights stay @ Guilin + 2 Nights stay @ Yangshuo, super enjoy the Guilin's most beautiful karst landscapes

★ Praised as the World Limestone Cave Miracle - Lipu Silver Cave (Yinzi Cave)

★ A mixture of oriental culture with western culture – Yangshuo Xijie

★ Cruising along the enchanting scenic Li River

★ 180°C view Zizhou Elephant Trunk Hill view

★ Lu Jia Village - absolute hidden gem of the Guilin Scenic Area

★ Xishan Park with historic Buddhist rock carvings and a Buddhist temple

★ Authentic, original, is rich in Guangxi minority costumes--"Liu Sanjie Landscape Garden"

★ Stroke the overall leisure relaxed and casual feel, better enjoy the beauty of the landscape of Guilin

Special Gourmet: Guilin Vermicelli * Palace Banquet * Yangshuo Beer Fish * Tea Feast

Special departure on 28Oct , Best ValueValue for $$

Groups Shopping for Tour:

Bamboo Charcoal craft, Jade, Baoshutang, Latex, Tea Leave, Wellness Centre

** Purchase at designated shops will be at your own discretion. You are not obligated to buy if you do not wish. **

Additional Tour: (To be paid in China) : RMB600/pax

Dreamlike Lijiang + Guilin Seven Star Park + Cormorant Fishing (An unique way to catch fish) + Guilin Night Scene

Optional tour:

a. Shi Wai Tao Yuan, a poetic imagery depicted in Peach Blossom Scenery by the famous poet Tao Yuanming in the Jin Dynasty + Yaoshan Mountain by cable car, the highest mountain in Guilin. It is the best place to appreciate the landscape of Guilin – RMB300/pax

b. “Impression – Liu Sanjie” – RMB250/pax

1) The above flights are subject to the final approval from Singapore and China Government Authority

2) Singapore to Nanning with 20 kg baggage checkin, NO meal onboard

3) Tour is conducted in Mandarin. The sequence of the tour programme is subject to the arrangement projected by the local tour operators in China where and when deemed are necessary.

4) All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences of the room allocated.

5). ASA Holidays recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.

6) If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of the itinerary, the latter will be taken as the correct version.

7) Participation of optional tours will be at passengers’ own choice and expenses.

8) Service fee for local guide and driver: RMB25 per day x 8Days = RMB200

9) For paxs who wish to leave the group by their own during traveling, NO REFUND value for unused service and need to pay the land operator RMB200/pax/day, ASA serves the right to terminate the service and cancel the return ticket.

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Begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Nanning, the provincial capital of Guangxi. Upon arrival, met and transfer to Guilin by High Speed Train. Guilin, the most picturesque city in Guangxi, China. After night scene of Guilin City, check in Guilin Hotel.




Yangshuo, is a Charming town surrounded by karst mountains and beautiful scenery near GuilinVisit Yinzi Cave (Silver Cave). The cave is a typical karst topography, cross-peaks 12, a floor-style cave, inside a collection of different geological ages the growth of stalactites, sparkling, white and flawless, like the night sky and under the tilt of the Milky Way, blinking out like silver, shine like diamonds, so called. Xijie (Foreigners Street) in Yangshou has more foreigners than local Chinese. In the slab stone Pedestrian Street, there is an exotic atmosphere – a mixture of oriental culture with western culture. At nightfall, at your own expenses, catch the colourful performance of the famous musical of “Impression – Liu Sanjie”, choreographed by Mr. Zhang Yimou.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Nestling at the foot of the mountains and by the Li River, the time-honored Xingping Ancient Town is celebrated for its natural scenery and ancient cultural heritage in China, and it boasts of being the most beautiful ancient town along the Li River. The painting of the “Yellow Cloth Shoal” hanging on the wall of China's embassy to the UN headquarters is drawn from Xingping Ancient Town. The pattern on the back of a 20 yuan note is also drawn from Xingping Ancient Town. A boat cruising on the beautiful Li River is the highlight of your travel to Guilin. You will be driven to Pier for the start of your boat cruise down the Li River. Cruise along the river, enjoying breathtaking views of mountain peaks and pinnacles, crystal-clear water and picturesque pastoral rice paddies. Feel as if you have stepped into a traditional Chinese painting as you spot water buffalo coming down to the river to graze. Your boat goes past the many featuring mountains whose unique shapes have inspired and fired the imagination of each visitor coming to Guilin. You will also get a chance to see cormorant fishing, a unique way to catch fish.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Depart for Guilin. Visit situated on the west bank of the Li River, in the south-west of the city, Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. Xiaoyao Tower was an ancient tower which enjoyed high reputation in South China In the Tang dynasty it was the East Gate Tower of city wall. In this Tower there is a stone stele which was carved with calligraphy "Xiao Yao Lou" those were written by a famous calligrapher Yan Zhenqing (709-784), a native of Xian, Shanxi province. He had once been a high officer in the court. His calligraphy style conveyed a feeling of massiness with strenuous strokes and casted a strong influence on latecomer in this field. This newly rebuilt tower imitates the building style of tang dynasty. A new cultural Pedestrian Street in Guilin, the East-West Alley (Dongxi) has a history of over 1400 years.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Liu Sanjie Cultural Garden, is a memorial park named after the singing goddess of Zhuang nationality-the Third Sister Liu, and exemplifies the culture of the Guangxi Minorities. Located at the riverbank of Taohuajiang River, Lu Jia Village is the absolute hidden gem of the Guilin Scenic Area. ancient Guilin "old eight scenery," one of the "The autumn moon Yangjiang river (Taohua river) " in here. Seven Stars Park, is the largest comprehensive park with mass scenery in Guilin City

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Fubo Shan (Wave Subduing Hill). This fascinating karst upthrust, it's an impressive piece of geology, surrounded by rolling green hills and more karst peaks, water, caves, picturesque rocks, and gardens. Xishan Park with historic Buddhist rock carvings and a Buddhist templeAt nightfall, at your own expense, catch the colorful performance of the famous musical of “Dream Like Lijiang (Li River) show”, is a nightly theatrical spectacle that celebrates the rich natural and cultural heritage of Guilin.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



After breakfast, free at own leisure. You may wish to take up One day Optional Tour RMB300 per pax (with lunch & dinner):Visit the Prince City Scenic Area which comprises the ancient home of a nobleman of the Ming Dynasty. Here you will tour the Mansion of Prince Jingjiang + Solitary Beauty Peak, the well-known description that characterizes Guilin landscape “the scenery in Guilin excels all under the heaven” is among the numerous stone inscriptions on the cliffs of the Peak.Mulong Lake Scenic Spot (Wooden Dragon Lake), an artificial lake connecting the Li River in the east and channelling the water into the downtown area of the city




After breakfast, visit Banyan Lake (Rong Shan) scenic spot, a new landmark of Guilin. It features the traditional Chinese Landscape with terraces, towers, pavilions, ancient city gate, historical ruins, ten-thousand-year old banyan tree, zigzag bridge and etc. After lunch, we transfer to the Guilin Airport for the flight back to Singapore. We hope you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays and thank you for your support!

Breakfast / Lunch

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Day 1新加坡 / 南宁 – 桂林


直飞中国广西壮族自治区首府南宁,广西欢迎您!抵达后由专人迎接,送高铁站,乘坐高铁前往山水甲天下的桂林,桂林欢迎您!晚餐后, 欣赏美轮美奂的桂林夜景后,入住桂林酒店


Day 2桂林–阳朔



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 3阳朔



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 4阳朔 / 桂林


驱车前往山水甲天下的桂林游览訾州【象山】,在桂林市东南漓江西岸; 因酷似一只站在江边伸鼻豪饮漓江甘泉的巨象而得名。象山原名漓山,又叫仪山、沉水山,简称象山。象山是桂林山水的代表。【逍遥楼】为唐代桂州城之东城楼,上置颜真卿所书“逍遥楼”石刻碑一方。颜真卿(709-785),字清臣,今陕西西安人,唐开元间进士,曾做过殿中侍御史、平原(今属山东)太守,后官至太子太师、封鲁郡公,世称“颜鲁公”。其书法凝重实、雄健有力,独创一体,人谓之“颜体”。颜真卿并没到过桂林,相传此碑是据蒲州(今山西永济)碑石钩摹重刻。因置于东城楼,故此楼称“逍遥楼”。桂林最热闹的【东西巷步行街】自由购物。

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 5桂林



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 6桂林 (早/午/晚餐)



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 7桂林–自由活动


全天自由活动,感受山水桂林的慢节拍。  以下项目为另推荐“一日游”自费配套RMB300 含午/晚餐,可向导游申请自愿参加!游览明代朱元璋皇家府邸【靖江王府】“阅尽皇城知桂林”,桂林历史文化的变迁,在靖江王府都可以找到答案。600多年历史文化古迹,是明代历史最长,现今保存最完整的潘王府邸。而王府后面就是【独秀峰】,素有“南天一柱”之称。【木龙湖景区】依托得天独厚的漓江、叠彩山优美的自然生态环境,历史久远的古宋城等众多历史文化遗迹等人文古迹,以“清明上河图”为建设蓝本打造的景区。秀美的木龙湖风光,丰富的人文古迹使该景区成为桂林市区璀璨亮丽的景区。


Day 8桂林 / 新加坡



早餐 / 午餐

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon


Filipino: Yes
Australian: Yes
American: Yes
Indian: Yes
Chinese: No
Singaporean: No
Indonesia: Yes
Malaysian: Yes

*Please note that the above visa information should be used as a reference without warranties.


Gratuity: A nominal fee of RMB25 person / per day will be given to the guide & driver in reciprocation for the service rendered.e.g.8 days =RMB200/P

Useful Info


1. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather conditions, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or altered.

Alternative attractions will be substituted without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure a smoother journey and tour.

2. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.

3. Minimum group size of 10 passengers is required for a confirmed departure. Group size of 10 and below will solely be at the discretion of ASA Holidays and passengers need to accept the arrangement.

4. Tour is conducted in Mandarin.

5. All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards.

6. During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned

7. ASA Holidays recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.

8. All flights are subject to change without prior notice

9. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itinerary, please refer to Chinese version.

10. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences of the room allocated.

11.Singapore tour leader service fee :SGD 2 person / per day = SGD16/P

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