Cape Manza
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
Nago Pineapple Park
Shuri Castle
Gyokusendo Cave
Awamori Factory
Kokusai Street
Fish Market
Umikaji Terrace
Ashibina Outlets Mall


• 4 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners


• 4 Nights Hotel Stay

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Okinawa. Upon arrival, meet and greet by local representative and transfer to hotel.

Meals On Board / Dinner



Today, visit Cape Hedo – the northernmost part of Okinawa. From the steep cliff made of corals you can see Okinoerabu Island and Yoron Island of the Amami Archipelago. A perfect spot for a short and enjoyable stroll. Daisekirinzan – A forest made of mysteriously formed rocks and subtropical plants. Known as a sacred place since the area of the Ryukyu kingdom it has 4 different tracking courses, one focusing on Gajumaru trees, one on the rocks, one with a beautiful view of the ocean. Next, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the many popular attractions at Ocean Expo Park. Churaumi Aquarium has one of the largest fish tanks in the world. Okinawa’s rich marine world can be experienced here. There are dolphin shows several times a day. Continue to visit Nago Pineapple Park, is a field of more than 100 different varieties of pineapples. You can sample and learn the production and you can try their various kinds of products made with fresh pineapples including wine, juices as well as desserts.

Breakfast / Lunch (Japanese Set Lunch) / Dinner



Begin the day with a tour to Nakagusuku Castle (World Heritage) is one of the several castles built across Okinawa during the era of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Only ruins remain of the castle today and you can catch a breath-taking view of the surrounding area and Nakagusuku Bay from the castle ruins. Thereafter, visit the Nuchima-su Salt Factory – learn about the famous sea salt produced factory in Okinawa. Next, visit Okashigoten, main shop of the Okinawan sweets manufacturer Okashi Goten, which uses local ingredients for its sweets. The most famous product is the Beniimo Tart, purple yam cream on dough formed like a little ship. Continue, to Cape Manza (Natural monument). It consists completely of corals, the peculiar shape was formed by the high waves that with waves keep splashing against the cliff. Lastly, proceed to American Village which was named after the fact that it was once a base for American military forces. It is the No. 1 place in Okinawa to enjoy a Ferris wheel, shops and restaurants, and is also known as a place to see the sunset.

Breakfast / Lunch



After breakfast, visit Shuri Castle, which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Castles of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shurijo is located atop a hill, is pierced by several large gates, and has ornately decorated buildings mostly of the vermilion color. It was the official residence of the Ryukyu monarchs until 1879. Next, Okinawa World is a tourist theme park about Okinawan culture. The park has a craft village and a snake museum. The Gyokusendo Cave inside Okinawa World is the longest cave on Okinawa Island and features spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Thereafter, visit Awamori Factory traditional liquor factory distillery where you can see how liquor is made and also you can learn its history. You can taste the sample of the rare exclusive old Awamori called Ku-Su, can also purchase Awamori at their Gallery. Move on to Kokusai Street, which is also known as ‘The Miracle Mile’. Walk along the street and you will find departmental stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, souvenir shops, boutiques etc.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Free at own leisure.




Enjoy a morning walk to a local Fish Market. Stroll through the market to see local culture and you can find colourful tropical fish, vegetables such as goya and pig’s face skin and feet. Continue to visit the beautiful Okinawa scenery Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island. Designed with the concept of a small town by the sea resembling look like Greece, the pristine white buildings are juxtaposed against the blue skies and emerald green sea. Enjoy last minute shopping at the Ashibina Outlets Mall that has over 70 luxury brands available at discounted prices to satisfy your geared-up shopping spirit. You will then be transferred to the airport for the flight back to Singapore. We hope that you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays.

Meals On Board / Breakfast / Lunch

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Day 1新加坡 ✈ 冲绳


集合于新加坡樟宜机场, 乘搭客机飞往“日出之国” -日本。抵达后, 将由专业的导游接机, 前往酒店入住。

飞机餐 / 晚餐

Day 2冲绳


今日,参观辺戸岬 - 冲绳岛的最北端。从珊瑚制成陡峭的悬崖,你可以看到冲永良部岛和奄美群岛与论岛,这是一个最佳的散步去处。接着,前往大石林山,一个由神秘岩石和亚热带植物形成的森林。自琉球王国它有4个不同的步道路程,一个侧重于Gajumaru树木,一个在岩石上,一个具有美丽而无障碍的海洋观景。接着去参观冲绳美丽海水族馆,这是海洋博公园众多热门的景点之一。您可充分体验冲绳丰富的海洋世界,这里拥有世界上最大的鱼缸,还有一天数场的海豚表演。接下来,参观名护菠萝园,这里拥有100多个不同品种的菠萝,您可品尝和了解菠萝的生产过程。这里也出产各种菠萝产品如:菠萝酒、菠萝果汁及菠萝甜点等。

早餐 / 午餐 (日式套午餐) / 晚餐

Day 3冲绳


开始一天,进入到北中城(世界遗产)是琉球王国时代跨越冲绳建的几个城堡之一。昔日的城堡如今已成废墟,你可以从城堡遗址周边的地区观赏令人叹为观止的景色和中城湾。接下来到苏盐厂 - 了解冲绳著名的海盐生产工厂。接着,参观御菓子御殿,这是冲绳糖果制造商 - 零食物语御殿的旗舰店,它的甜食都是以当地新鲜食材制作。最知名的产品是Beniimo挞及类似一艘小船的紫山药奶油。之后,游览万座毛 (天然纪念物),这是冲绳最美丽的悬崖。它是个全珊瑚悬崖,奇特的造型是由海浪不断对悬崖浪溅而形成的。最后,前往北谷町美国村,它因曾经是美国军队的基地而命名。这是一个在冲绳可以享受摩天轮,商店和餐馆,也是一个看日落的好地方。

早餐 / 午餐

Day 4冲绳


今日,参观联合国教科文组织世界遗产之一的首里城,曾作为琉球王国的政治、外交及文化中心。它融合了中国与日本筑城文化的独特建筑样式以及高超的石砌技术,拥有极高的文化和历史价值。接下来,到以冲绳文化为主题的冲绳世界主题公园,公园内有工艺村和蛇博物馆。过后到冲绳世界里最长的洞穴 - 玉泉洞,里面设有壮观的钟乳石和石笋。之后,参观泡盛酒工厂,这是传统的酿酒厂,你也可以在此认识到酿酒的历史及制作过程。您可品尝到稀有的独家老泡盛酒,也可以在此购买到日式烧酒。接着到被称为“奇迹地带” 的国际通道街,在街上有许多百货公司、餐厅、咖啡馆、酒吧、纪念品商店及精品店等。

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 5冲绳


您可在冲绳自由活动, 探索这座城市的美好。


Day 6冲绳 ✈ 新加坡


早餐后,到当地的鱼市场逛逛。在这里,您可看到色彩斑斓的热带鱼及了解当地人的文化。过后参观濑长岛上美丽的冲绳风光海舵露台。 海景旁的小镇设计得似乎像是希腊一样,原始的白色建筑与蓝天和翡翠绿海并列。最后,到冲绳平价精品购物城购物,这里拥有至少70种奢侈品牌。您可以特别折扣价格来满足您的购物需求。告别难忘的日本旅程,送往机场乘坐飞机飞返温暖家园,并希望您同中欧航旅共享美丽的回忆。

飞机餐 / 早餐 / 午餐

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon


Immigration procedures require all tourists to possess a passport with minimum 6 months validity from the day of departure . Singapore passport do not require a visa to Japan. For foreign passport, please ensure relevant visa is applied should you need one. It is necessary to bring along re-entry permit or air ticket to country of origin for passenger not holding Singapore passport. It is advisable to keep separately a photocopy of your travel document.


**Malaysia Passport: With ICAO' Standards with IC Passport (symbol on the front cover), do not need a visa to enter Japan.

**Non - ICAO Standards Passport, Must apply for a Japan Visa.


Spring (Mar – May): 15 – 25 °C / 春天 (三月–五月)

Summer (Jun – Aug): 25 – 33°C / 夏天 ( 六月–八月 )

Autumn (Sep – Nov): 13 – 20°C / 秋天 (九月–十一月)

Winter (Dec – Feb): -05 – 15°C / 冬天 (十二月–二月)

We suggest you to update the weather through news or internet closer to departure.



Time Difference / 时差

Japan is one hour ahead of Singapore. 日本比新加坡快一个小时。

Electric Current and Adaptor 电压

It is essential to bring a plug adaptor of 2 Flat pins for 120V outlet.

日本使用双遍插头,120 瓦特。

Useful Info


1. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather conditions, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or altered. Alternative attractions will be substituted without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure a smoother journey and tour.

2. All bookings will be subjected to terms and conditions as stipulated in this brochure.

3. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.

4. Minimum group size of 16 passengers is required for a confirmed departure. Group size of 15 and below will solely be at the discretion of ASA Holidays and passengers need to accept the arrangement.

5. Tour is conducted in Mandarin.

6. All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards.

7. During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned

8. ASA Holidays recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.

9. All flights are subject to change without prior notice

10. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itinerary, please refer to English version.

11. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences of the room allocated.

12. For groups of 26 passengers and above, we will have a tour manager to accompany the tour throughout.

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