• City Tour

• Chinatown

• St. Mary’s Cathedral

• Sydney Fish Market

• Sydney Opera House

• Sydney Harbour Bridge


• 4WD Sand Safari Tour

• Sandboarding

• Dolphin Watch Cruise

• Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters

• Oakvale Farm & Fauna World


• Field of Light

• Spectacular Sunrise at Kata Tjuta

• Explore The Domes of Kata Tjuta

• Valley of the Winds Lookouts

• Karu & Karingana Lookout

• Learn Local Geology

• Base of Uluru

• Kuniya Walk

• Mutitjulu Waterhole

• Aboriginal Rock Paintings

• The Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

• Learn about the Anangu

• Experience the Sunset at Uluru


• City Tour

• Arts Precinct • Princes Bridge

• Yarra River • Federation Square

• St Patrick’s Cathedral

• Flinders Street Station

• City Circle Tram • Parliament House

• Fitzroy Gardens

• Chinatown

• Queen Victoria Market*


5 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners



*1N Stay in 4* Hotel


*1N Stay in 4* Hotel


*2N Stay in 5* Hotel


*2N Stay in 4* Hotel

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Sydney.



Upon arrival, begin your Sydney City Tour by driving pass Chinatown and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Next, visit Sydney Fish Market which is the largest seafood market in the southern hemisphere. You may try the delicious seafood, fresh from the ocean. Continue to the magnificent Sydney Opera House. Enjoy 360° views of the Sydney Opera House (outside view only) and the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge (outside view only). After that, proceed to Port Stephens, the Dolphin Capital of Australia.Hotel: Landmark Resort / Oaks Pacific Blue Resort or Similar

Meals On Board / Dinner



After breakfast, begin your adventure by experiencing the fun 4WD Sand Safari Tour where you can try Sandboarding on sand dunes as high as 30 metres. Next board a Dolphin Watch Cruise and begin searching for pods of wild bottlenose dolphins with seagulls flying around. Next visit the Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters where you can feed and pat baby sting rays and up to 3m long sharks whilst embarking on an educational and unforgettable adventure. Continue to visit Oakvale Farm and Fauna World. Get up close and personal with native Australia animals and experience feeding animals such as kangaroos, camels and baby farm animals. See Tasmanian devils, goats, sheep, rabbits, alligators, ostriches as well as pat a koala and take your selfie with koala free of charge in a huge free range natural bush land. Note: Wild dolphin is based on weather and tidal conditions. In the event of bad weather, for safety reasons, the cruise will not operate. 4WD Sandboarding Tour is on Seat-in-Coach basis and is not suitable for the pregnant woman and those with back problems and infant. Please wear comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm jumper, seasick pills and bring a camera along. Hotel: Mercure / Citigate / Novotel / Holiday Inn / Travelodge or similar

Breakfast / Lunch



After breakfast, transfer to Sydney Domestic Airport for the flight to Uluru.Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel for rest and leisure. Transfer to Field of Light, a masterpiece of British artist Bruce Munro who is best known for producing large immersive light based installations. Feel the inspiring magnitude of the vast night sky, the overwhelming presence of the majestic rock. As darkness falls and Uluru is thrown into silhouette, Fielf of Light illuminates. As far as the eye can see rhythms of colour light up the desert. It is called “Touch The Silence”.Hotel: 5 Sar Sails in The Desert

Breakfast / Lunch (Lunch on Board) / Dinner



This morning, depart to watch the spectacular sunrise over at Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Enjoy the wonder that Kata Tjuta at sunrise. Each passing minute brings something new as the domes continue to change colour with the rising sun. This incredible formation of rock domes extends six kilometers into the ground and is the remains of erosion that began more than 500 million years ago. The area is sacred under Anangu men’s law. Walk to the Valley of the Winds, Walk to the Valley of the Winds. First heading to the Karu Lookout with views across many domes of Kata Tjuta and out into the secret Anangu men’s area, you will be in awe of this natural wonder. Next stop is the Karingana Lookout*. This walk can be a little challenging, but well worth the effort. It takes you down into a timeless haven within the domes through trekking creek beds. Back to hotel for rest till departing for Sunset Tour. Later, commence the sunset tour by driving around the base of Uluru. Continue to the Kuniya Walk, from where you will be escorted to the famous Mutitjulu Waterhole, the waterhole provided a key source of water for the Aboriginal people in the area and had been in use many thousands of years, also can view ancient Aboriginal rock paintings and learn their significance. Visit The Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, where houses an amazing collection of original ceramics, paintings and punu (woodwork) that provide an insight into the unique and spiritual culture of the Anangu, the traditional custodians of Uluru. Proceed to Uluru Sunset Viewing Area, en route, you may see some dromedary camels strolling through the park, after arrival, you can find your personal place to witness the striking colour changes of Uluru. Arguably Australia’s most recognizable and fascinating icon, Uluru (Ayers Rock) stands 348M high; however, most of its mass is below ground level. You will be overwhelmed by its monolithic size, presence and inherent spirituality. As the sun sets over the western horizon, you will be witness to the majestic presence and many shades of colour for which Uluru is most famous.Note: 1) The Sunrise Tour is departing about 4:30am,restaurant is not ready to serve. Kindly prepare and bring along own breakfast. (Uluru Supermarket Operating Hour: 8am to 9pm) 2) BBQ Dinner: It is self-cook dinner; the cooking site is equipped with modern cooking facility. 3) Karingana Lookout: At times of extreme heat, the walk may not be available but will be substituted with an alternative walk. Short walks are also available for those not wanting to walk to the second lookout.Hotel: 5 Star Sails in The Desert

Dinner (BBQ Dinner)



Upon arrival, begin your city tour. Start by driving pass the Arts Centre Melbourne, which consists of a complex of theatres and concert halls in the Melbourne Arts Precinct. Next, cross the Princes Bridge spanning from the Yarra River to the Federation Square and see St Patrick’s Cathedral, Flinders Street Station and Chinatown. See the City Circle Tram in motion along the way and view the Parliament House and Fitzroy Gardens.Hotel: Citigate / Rendezvous / Oaks on Market / Travelodge / Amora or similar

Breakfast / Lunch (Lunch on board)



Free at own leisure. Recommended Optional Excursion: Great Ocean RoadHotel: Citigate / Rendezvous / Oaks on Market / Travelodge / Amora or similar




Enjoy some free at leisure time before you are transferred to the airport for the flight back to Singapore. We hope that you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays.

Meals On Board / Breakfast

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Day 1新加坡 ✈ 悉尼


集合于新加坡樟宜机场, 搭乘班机飞往悉尼。

Day 2悉尼 – 尼尔森湾


抵达后,开始悉尼市区游,路过唐人街及圣玛丽大教堂前往在南半球最大的海鲜市场 - 悉尼海鲜批发市场,里头有许多当天才捕获的新鲜海产品。接着, 前往宏伟的悉尼歌剧院。可观赏到悉尼歌剧院360度全景(外观) 和美丽的悉尼海港大桥(外观)。过后前往史蒂芬港,澳大利亚的海豚之都。

飞机餐 / 晚餐

Day 3史蒂芬港 - 悉尼



早餐 / 午餐

Day 4悉尼 ✈ 乌鲁鲁


早餐后,前往悉尼国内航班飞往乌鲁鲁。抵达后,前往酒店休息和休闲。 可以参加由度假村广场所安排的原住民点画(自费),或享受度假村的设施。晚餐后,前往原野星光,这是英国艺术家布鲁斯•曼罗(Bruce Munro)的杰作,他最著名的是创作大型身临其境式的灯光装备。在那广阔的夜空中感受着鼓舞人心的光芒,感受着那雄伟巨岩压倒性的存在。随着黑暗的降临,乌鲁鲁投射成黑影,原野星光开始晖映。缤纷色彩照耀了一望无际的沙漠,这就是“宁静的律动”。

早餐 / 午餐 (机上用餐) / 晚餐

Day 5乌鲁鲁


今天早上,前往卡塔丘塔(Kata Tjuta/ Olgas)观赏壮观的日出。 欣赏卡塔丘塔日出这奇景,它的圆顶每分每秒都会随着旭日东升,冉冉升起的太阳而改变颜色。 这不可思议的卡塔丘塔圆顶向地表延伸长达六公里,是5亿多年前就开始侵蚀的遗迹。 这一片区域在阿南古法律中是神圣的。步行到风之谷。 首先前往Karu 观景台,可欣赏到卡塔丘塔许多圆顶的景色,然后进入秘密的阿南古男士区,会对这种自然奇观感到敬佩。 下一站是Karingana 观景台*,这路程可能有点挑战性,但付出的努力是值得的。 通过徒步小河床后,就可以抵达在圆顶内的永恒避风港。回到旅店休息,直到启程日落之旅。日落之旅开始于驱车观赏乌鲁鲁底部周围。接着到Kuniya Walk,从那里会被带领到著名的Mutitjulu水潭,这水潭为该地区的土着居民提供了重要的水源,并已经使用了数千年,也可以看到古老的原住民岩画 并认识他们的意义。参观乌鲁鲁卡塔丘塔文化中心,那里有惊人的原始陶瓷,绘画和punu(木工)的收藏,提供了对阿南古人独特又具有灵性的文化认识,是乌鲁鲁的传统维护者。前往乌鲁鲁日落观景区,途中,可能看到一些单峰骆驼在公园散步,抵达后,依据个人喜好找个地点,一边亲眼见证乌鲁鲁醒目的色彩变化一边享用汽泡葡萄酒和小吃。澳大利亚最有名气和迷人的图标,乌鲁鲁(Ayers Rock)高达348公尺。然而,它大部分的质体都埋在地底下。 乌鲁鲁巨大形体的单独存在和固有的灵性震撼了世人。 当太阳落在西方的地平线上时,将欣赏到乌鲁鲁最有名的色彩变化和雄伟的呈现。此时此刻,让人不禁联想到“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏”,这句永不朽的唐诗。注意: 1) 日出旅游大约在凌晨4:30左右开始,请准备并携带自己的早餐。(乌鲁鲁超市营业时间:8am – 9pm)2) 烧烤晚餐:此晚餐是自助服务; 烹饪场所配有现代化的烹饪设施。3)Karingana 观景台:在极热的时候,将会改道而行。 对于那些不想走到此观景台的人,也有较短的路线可行

晚餐 (烧烤晚餐)

Day 6乌鲁鲁 ✈ 墨尔本: 市区游


抵达后,开始墨尔本市区游。路过之处由剧院和音乐厅组成的墨尔本艺术中心。接着,经过跨越亚拉河到联邦广场的王子桥、圣伯特大教堂、弗林德斯街站、菲兹茨罗伊花园、国会大厦以及唐人街。随后, 经过唯一在市区内建于19世纪的市集, 维多利亚女皇市场* (星期一, 三及澳洲公共假期无开放)。

早餐 / 午餐 (机上用餐)

Day 7墨尔本: 自由活动




Day 8墨尔本 ✈新加坡



飞机餐 / 早餐

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon


Singaporean : Yes
Malaysian: Yes
Australian: No
American: Yes
Indian: Yes
Chinese: Yes
Indonesia : Yes
Filipino: Yes

*Please note that the above visa information should be used as a reference without warranties.


Australia Sydney Weather - Average Temparature

January : 22°C
Febraury : 22°C
March : 21°C
April : 19°C
May : 15°C
June : 13°C
July : 12°C
August : 13°C
September : 16°C
October : 18°C
November : 20°C
December : 21°C


Country Code : 61
Language : English
Currency : Australian Dollars ( AUD )
Voltage : 240V / 50Hz

Useful Info


1. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather conditions, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or altered. Alternative attractions will be substituted without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure a smoother journey and tour.

2. All bookings will be subjected to terms and conditions as stipulated in this brochure.

3. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.

4. Minimum group size of 16 passengers is required for a confirmed departure. Group size of 15 and below will solely be at the discretion of ASA Holidays and passengers need to accept the arrangement.

5. Every group of 26 passengers will have a Singapore tour manager to accompany the tour throughout.

6. In the event that there is no tour manager, tickets for the attractions will have to be collected by the passengers at the respective attractions.

7. A driver-guide may be arranged for selected Australia Tour groups. The Driver-guide’s duty is to drive and give commentary on the coach. They do not accompany the group into attractions or assist to collect attractions tickets; while a driver’s duty is only to drive the passengers around.

8. Tour is conducted in English. It will be conducted in Mandarin if majority of the passengers of the group request. Mandarin spoken is based on individual tour leader’s language proficiency level.

9. All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards.

10. During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned

11. ASA Holidays recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.

12. All flights are subject to change without prior notice

13. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itinerary, please refer to the English version.

14. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences of the room allocated.

15. Participation of optional tours will be at passengers’ own choice and expenses.

16. During Australian Public Holidays, some attractions will either be closed or operate for only half a day. During such occurrences, attractions such as theme parks may be combined into one day, and/or time spent at the attraction will be reduced.

17. Some hotels may not have house keeping services on Sundays and Public Holidays.

18. If you are bringing infants below 2 years old along, please buy or bring along your own infant car seats for infants seating on board coaches. It can be rented at own expenses, price varies according to different coach companies.

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