Bangkok – Paro – Thimphu – Punakha – Gangtey Valley

Itinerary Highlights

 Phobjikha Valley Home of Black-Necked Crane

 Bhutan Postal Museum

 Bhutan Post Office

 Buddha Point

 Tiger Nest

 Iron Saint’s Bridge

 Chimi Lhakhang

 Kyichu Temple

 Punakha Dzong

 Takin Preserve (Mini Zoo)

 Dochu La Pass

Simply Bhutan

 1 Night stay in Bangkok

ASA Exclusive

Create your personal Stamp

Bonfire Cultural Show

Bhutanese Costumes Trying

Experience Bhutan National Sport Archery

Bhutan Local Wine “ARA” Tasting

Bhutan National Dish “Chillies Cheese”

Making Session

Bhutan Money Album (Limited edition)

Chinese Speaking Guide*

Local 4 Stars Hotel

Thimphu Ariya or similar

Punakha Green Resort or similar

Paro Drukchen or similar


Dec 01 - 5 Breakfast / 6 Lunch / 5 Dinner

Dec 14 - 6 Breakfast / 5 Lunch / 5 Dinner

Special Departure :

Dec 01 stay 1 night in Bangkok First

Dec 14 departure will stay in Bangkok on retrun leg


1. Flights are subject to government and regulatory approval.

2. Service Fees for Guide; Driver & Helper,total USD36/pax/tour; Bangkok SGD10/pax

3. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and /or bad weather condition, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or alternative sites substituted in without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure smoother journey and tour.

4. Tours is conducted in English.

5. VISA Foreign nationals (except Indian nationals) are required to pay a Visa Fee (non refundable)

6. The sequence of the itinerary is subject to change without prior notice

7. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itineraries, the formed prevails.

8. Passengers purchase optional excursions or Horse & Pony ride are on their own expenditure and at their own risk; ASA Holidays will not be responsible. Therefore, travel insurance is recommended to ensure coverage.

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and fly to Bangkok. Upon arrival meet and transfer to Hotel. Spend the day shopping, sightseeing at your own leisure.** Dec 14 Deparure, assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and fly to Paro by Bhutan Airline **.



Assemble at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and fly to Paro. Welcome to Bhutan and your first day in the magical Land of the Thunder Dragon! Arrived Paro and head to Thimphu, capital of Bhutan. Iron Saint’s Bridge. Take a short walk to this legendary this Unique Bhutanese. Worth every step because these collection of irons chains are dating back to 15th century and you can see it today on 21th century. National Memorial Chorten. An impressive monument with its golden spires shining in the sun, its bells tinkling in the wind and an endless procession of elderly people circling around it. Kuensel Phodrang (Buddha point), the sitting Buddha statue is 167 feet high and situated on top of a hill overlooking the city of Thimpu. Motithang Takin Preserve (Mini Zoo), is a wildlife reserve area for Takin, the National Animal of Bhutan. Simply Bhutan. An interactive “living” museum. Visitors learn about Bhutanese traditions. National Textile Museum displays various Bhutanese textiles that are extensive and rich in traditional culture. Bhutanese Crafts Bazaar. Handicraft market of Thimphu is a perfect place to get a glimpse inside the art and craft of Bhutan. Tashichho Dzong. A fortress and Buddhist monastery with a distinctive Bhutanese architectural design. It is the current seat of the Druk Desi, the head of the civil government, and houses the offices of the current king.

Meals On Board / Lunch / Dinner



After breakfast, we travel to Punakha, the former capital of Bhutan until 1955Dochula Pass. Home to the 108 Druk Wangyal Chortens that were built on a small hill to memorialize the Bhutanese soldiers killed in a 2003 battle with Assamese insurgents from India. It is also popular spot provides stunning 360 degrees views of the Himalayas. Chimi Lhakhang. Ngawang Chogyel built the temple in 15th century after the “Divine Madman” Drukpa Kuenlay built a small chorten there. It is a pilgrim site for barren women. Punakha Dzong. Located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu (father) and Mo Chuu (mother) rivers in the Punakha-Wangdue valley. It is a six-sorted structure with a central tower of Utse at an average elevation of 1,200 meters (3,900ft) with a scenic, mountainous background.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



After breakfast, we make a trip to the “winter home of the Black necked crane (Grus Nigricollis)”.Valley of Phobjikha (Gangtey). Well known as the winter home of the Black necked crane (Grus Nigricollis). Gangtey Goempa. Overlooking the Phobjikha valley, is an old monastery that dates back to 17th century. Black-Necked Crane Information Centre. You can use the centre’s powerful spotting scopes and check what you see against its pamphlet “field Guide to Crane Behaviour”.

Breakfast / Lunch (PICNIC) / Dinner



Bhutan Postal Museum. The main objective of the museum is to tell the story of Bhutan’s progress and development through the lens of the evolution of communications and postal system in the country. The story is told through anecdotes, artifacts and the rich assortment of stamps the country has produced over the years. Post office where you can create personalized postage stamps.Archery & Local Rice Wine “Ara” Tasting. Experience the National Sport of Bhutan - Archery and traditional Game and have chance to taste the “Ara” DIY Chillies Cheese Session. In order to blend in Bhutan, we also elaborate DIY making Ema Datshi, the most famous dishes in Bhutanese cuisine, recognised as a national dish of Bhutan, you can according to individual be fond of chilli cheese to make the best for yourself. A Celebratory Bonfire Cultural Dance Performance Show & Bhutanese Costume Trying. Experience trying traditional Gho & Kira, one of the most distinctive features of the Bhutanese is their traditional dress, unique garments that have evolved over thousand of years.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest Temple): The most famous of Bhutanese monasteries, it is said that Guru Rinpoche arrived here on the back of a tigress and meditated at this monastery hence it is called Tiger’s Nest. Precariously perched on the edge of 1,200 meter cliff, this monastery creates an impressive sight, and is the unofficial symbol of Bhutan. (Horse & pony charges is minimum US$40 paid directly to the Local tour guide) Paro Town. If time permits, we will visit to Paro Town. ** Note: Please wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots. Not recommended for pregnant women and those with health condition visitors. **

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner



After breakfast, continue your sightseeing of : Kyichu Lhakang, the first and oldest temple of the Bhutan, also famous Hong Kong actor Tony Leong wedding ceremony held here. Paro Dzong also known as Rinpung Dzong, this 15th century massive fortress/monastery, is also the administrative center of the dzonkhag. Ta Dzong - Built as a watch tower the Ta Dzong, it was converted into the National Museum in 1968. The museum boasts antique Thangka, textiles, weapons and armour, household objects and rich assortment of natural and historic artifacts.Bid farewell to Paro transfer to the airport for the flight to Singapore. Arrive Singapore on Dec 8 @ 0130hrs. We hope you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays and thank you for your support.

Breakfast / Lunch

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Day 1(12月1) 新加坡 / 曼谷


齐集樟宜机场, 搭乘飞机前往泰国曼谷。抵达后,入住酒店。** 12月14日出发客人们, 齐集樟宜机场乘坐不丹航空飞抵帕罗.

Day 2(12月2) 曼谷 / 帕罗 - 廷布


今早, 齐集曼谷素万那普国际机场, 搭乘不丹航空飞往坐落于群山之中的帕罗国际机场。帕罗--不丹第二大城– 素有雷龙之国的称谓。 不丹首都-廷布不丹铁链大桥-世纪十五吊桥不丹国家纪念碑是廷布的标志,为世界和平而建的纪念碑不丹大佛 - 不丹最大的一尊最大的释迦摩尼坐像 塔金动物保护园区观看不丹的国兽—塔金(Takin), 这种羊头牛身的动物只在不丹能够看见简约不丹博物馆-建立在传统农舍风格的博物馆, 提供多种生动的参观体验不丹农村生活的景观不丹国家纺织博物馆展示不丹传统民众服饰”gho”与”kira”,及了解此纺织技术正宗不丹工艺街 - 手工编制物品、面具、编织篮子等等作为手信。扎西确宗是不丹久负盛名的佛教寺院, 同时也是首都廷布的政府中心。它始建于1641世纪,于1965年由不丹皇室重新修葺。扎西确宗是现任国王的办公场所以及内政、财政部门所在地,也是宗教首领和中央宗教机构的夏季驻所。

飞机餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 3(12月3) 廷布 - 普纳卡


驱车前往普纳卡,是不丹王国的古首都,1955年政府迁都廷布。  多雄拉山口 (Dochu La Pass) 欣赏到喜马拉雅山脉的壮丽景色  "108座佛塔"也被称为"楚克旺耶纪念碑"切米拉康 (Chimi Lhakhang) 纪念癫狂圣僧朱卡库拉而建的。据说,此地为求子圣地,不孕妇女来此朝拜便可怀孕,因而又称求子庙。 普纳卡宗是不丹的第二座城堡,前不丹政府所在地,全不丹最美的古堡

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 4(12月4) 普纳卡 - 岗提 - 普纳卡


富毕卡山谷 (Phobjikha Valley) 是一片广阔的U字型冰蚀河谷,也称岗提山谷 (Gangtey Valley)。岗提寺Gangtey Goemba建于17世纪座落在富吉卡山谷的一个小山丘上的岗提寺以精致的木雕和壁画闻名,它不但吸引了游客,还吸引了有“鸟类熊猫”之称的黑颈鹤。黑颈鹤资讯中心展示关于黑颈鹤和富毕卡山谷生态环境的资讯,以提高您对黑颈鹤的了解,您可以利用中心里功能强大望远镜观赏的黑颈鹤。

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 5(12月5) 普纳卡 - 廷布 - 帕罗


驱车返回廷布。不丹国家邮政博物馆,不丹多种多样的邮票是该国一大特色 不丹国家邮政总局,这里的CD邮票世界独一无二, 可自费定制自己头像的邮票作为纪念或可以邮寄体验不丹射箭和传统游戏的民族运动, 有机会品尝当地的米酒 "ara"不丹传统国菜DIY体验 - 制造Ema Datse (辣椒芝士)。 为了更融入不丹民情, 我们也精心安排亲手制作不丹餐桌上不可缺少的传统国菜辣椒芝士,你能按个人喜好来制作最适合你的辣椒芝士。篝火晚会及体验不丹百年传统服装。一个要真正让你沉浸在一个真实的体验幸福国度,丰富的文化与传统,地道的当地美食,并沉浸在不丹传统舞蹈表演中。所有的客人将可以选择穿著赏心悦目的不丹男女传统服饰。男子的长袍叫做“帼”(gho),女子的衣服叫做“旗拉”(kira)。

早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 6(12月6) 帕罗



早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐

Day 7(12月7) 帕罗 / 新加坡


祈楚寺,是不丹最古老和最美丽的寺院,这个双寺庙建筑坐落在帕罗河谷,不仅是当地人的朝圣之地,也是不丹皇室举行庆典的重要场所。 著名香港影星梁朝伟和刘嘉玲曾在此举办瞩目的世纪婚礼。 帕罗宗 (Paro Dzong)又称日蓬堡(Rinpung Dzong)是不丹最为知名的寺庙,意为“一堆珠宝上的城堡”塔宗,1968年被不丹政府改为国家博物馆,珍藏不丹丰富文物再见不丹,飞往新加坡。12月8日凌晨0130抵达新加坡。祝您有个愉快又难忘的不丹假期。与中欧航旅度过美好时光。谢谢您的支持。

早餐 / 午餐

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon

Price From (SGD)

More departure dates are coming soon


All nationalities require a visa for entry to Bhutan, except Indian nationals holding a valid Indian passport. Visas must be obtained in advance.

You must provide at the time of booking with your full name, sex, date of birth, nationality, passport number & date of issue / expiry, plus a scanned copy of your passport.



High Season (Mar–May, Sep–Nov)

The weather is ideal in spring and autumn. Book flights well in advance; accommodation options can fill up.

Himalayan views are best in October, while rhododendron blooms peak in March and April.

Shoulder Season (Dec–Feb)

Bhutan has seasonal tariffs so there'll be fewer tourists and good savings to be made by travelling outside the high season.

The weather is still pleasant, though it can be cold in December and January.

Low Season (Jun–Aug)

Monsoon rains and leeches put an end to most treks, although high-altitude flowers are at their peak.


Guide & Driver service charges - USD6.00/day/pax

Useful Info


"Dzongkha", one of the Tibetan family of languages is Bhutan's national language. English is commonly spoken in main towns and also it is the medium of education in schools throughout the country.


All major towns are well connected with electricity that runs on 220/240 volts with round hole two-pin and three-pin power outlets.

It is recommended that you bring flat-to-round pin converters for your electronics if necessary, however, most hotels offer multi plug sockets. Bhutan is a carbon neutral destination. Our energy is clean and green generated by hydro power.


Bhutan’s currency is the Ngultrum (Nu.) It is at par with the Indian rupee which is accepted as legal tender in the country.

Note: INR (Indian Rupees) denominations of 500 and 1000 are not accepted in Bhutan.

ATMs are located within all main towns throughout Bhutan, where money can be withdrawn using a Visa or MasterCard.

In addition, POS (Point of Sale) services are available nationwide, meaning visitors can pay by credit card at most hotels and handicrafts stores.

Cash and Travelers Cheques exchange facility is available for most of the main currencies including the US dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Thai Baht, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Singapore dollar, Danish kroner, Norwegian kroner, and Swedish kroner. Exchange rates vary


Bhutan offers immense opportunities for photography especially during outdoor sightseeing trips.

However you should check with your guide before taking pictures or filming inside Dzongs, temples, monasteries and religious institutions as in some area photograph/filming is not permitted.

You are free to capture images of the landscape, the panoramic views of the mountain ranges, rural life, flora and fauna, distinctive Bhutanese architecture and the exterior of Dzongs and Chortens in particular.


Some popular handicraft items available for purchase are hand-woven textiles of raw silk or silk, carved masks of various animals, woven baskets of cane and bamboo, wooden bowls known as Dapas, handmade paper products or finely crafted gods of silver. Other items you may be interested in are the exquisite Buddhist thangkha paintings or Bhutan’s wide array of colourful and creative postage stamps. You can come across these items in the many handicraft shops in and around Thimphu and in other major towns. Please remember that buying and selling of antiques is strictly forbidden in Bhutan.


The following articles are exempt from duty:

(a) Personal effects and articles for day to day use by the visitor

(b) 1 litre of alcohol (spirits or wine)

(c) 200 cigarettes, on payment of import duty of 200%

(d) Instruments, apparatus or appliances for professional use

(e) Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic goods for personal use

You have to complete the passenger declaration form at your port of entry.

Visitors are advised to be cautious in purchasing old and used items, especially of religious or cultural significance, as such items may not be exported without a clearance certificate.

If importing any items to Bhutan which are for sale or gift, they may be liable for customs duty. On departure, visitors are required to fill out a departure form, which will be asked for by Customs authorities.

Import/export of the following goods is strictly prohibited:

(a) Arms, ammunitions and explosives

(b) All narcotics and drugs except medically prescribed drugs

(c) Wildlife products, especially those of endangered species

(d) Antiques

Imports of plants, soils etc. are subject to quarantine regulations. These items must be cleared on arrival.


With great altitudinal variations, weather is quite mixed in Bhutan. So be prepared to face the unforeseen weather conditions.

Bhutan expect visitors to dress modestly and respectfully especially if you are planning a visit to the monasteries, Dzongs and other religious institutions. Long pants and long sleeved tops should be worn when visiting such places. As a mark of respect, be kind enough to remove your hats, caps etc. as you enter religious and administrative premises, institutions and in any other place that you come across with the national flag being raised.


Bhutan standard time is 6 hours ahead of GMT


Bhutan is one of the safest countries in the world however you should still exercise caution when visiting. Please ensure that your belongings especially your passports, cameras, wallets and purses are properly secured. Please refrain from leaving such items within sight in locked vehicles while sightseeing.

Avoid drinking tap water which has not been boiled or ice cubes in drinks at all times as most water sources in Bhutan are untreated. One can easily acquire affordable treated and bottled water.

Also, Bhutan has a duty to protect its citizens from drugs and tobacco products. To do this we need your help and cooperation. Please co-operate if stopped and asked about your baggage. Please do not carry tobacco goods in excess of the set limit. For more information please see following link. Tobacco Control Act.

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