Gyeongbok Palace
Presidential Blue House
N Seoul Tower
Grevin Museum
Korean Cosmetics Showroom
Korean Taekuk Ginseng Gallery
Korean Local Product Convenience Store
Healthy Liver Showroom
Dongdaemun Market
Hongik University Street


Nonsan Sunshine Land


Hot Spring Experience
Premium Factory Outlets
Fruit Picking Session (Seasonal)


Mount Daedun
Suspension Bridge
Cable Car Ride (Subject to weather conditions)
Jeonju Hanok Village
Korean paper doll lantern
Taepyeong Salt Farm
Salt Cave Healing Center
Salt Museum
Naganeupseong Folk Village
Suncheon Bay Garden
Boseong Green Tea Farm
Bamboo Garden
Metasequoia Street

Meals: 6 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 6 Dinners

Accommodation: 6 Nights Hotel Stay

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Seoul.



Upon arrival, meet and greet by our local representative. Transfer to Mt Daedun for a Cable Car (subject to weather conditions) ride up Korea’s most beautiful mountain in the Central region with all kinds of rock formations. Here, you can experience walking across a suspension bridge among the clouds where you can find a quaint little stone temple at the other end. Continue, visit to the Nonsan Sunshine Land consists of 1950s Open Film Set, Survival Game Zone, Military Experience Center, and Sunshine Studio, where many scenes from “Mr. Sunshine” were filmed. Streets and buildings of the country’s capital during the late Joseon period in the 1900s are skillfully reproduced, allowing you to feel like as if they have travelled back in time. Thereafter, proceed Jeonju Hanok Village. Take a walk around the traditional village comprising over 800 traditional Korean houses called Hanok houses. Next, we start by Hanji Paper Doll Experience, learning how to make traditional Korean paper doll lanterns.

Meals On Board / Lunch (Mushroom Steamboat) / Dinner (Hanjeongsik)



This morning, proceed to Taepyeong Salt Farm, located in Jeungdo Island of Jeollanm-do, is the largest sun-dried salt producer in Korea. Experience it for yourself the processes of salt making. Thereafter, visit salttherapy at Salt Cave Healing Center and Salt Museum to learn more about the manufacturing process of salt arguably one of the most under-appreciated ingredients in everyday life.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Jeongdo Set) / Dinner (Roast Duck + Pork Belly)



Today, visit Naganeupseong Folk Village - This is an historical village of a Korean fortress town. Which is a well-preserved Korean fortress town that became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2011. Continue, proceed to Suncheon Bay Garden was established in order to turn 1.12 square kilometres of natural habitat into a conservation area, where it houses over 505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers. Especially, the numerous groups of tulips and royal azaleas are truly a sight to see. In addition, the nearby 30,000-square-meter field of canola flowers is in full bloom in May, which creates a beautiful yellow "wave" of colour and trees make a great shades of the canopy for the area. Next, to Boseong Green Tea Farm, you will see the beauty of green tea bushes in rows around. Daehan Dawon Plantation has been a filming spot for many Korean dramas and commercials due to its sceneries. Slowly stroll along the fields and enjoy the beautiful nature around them. You can even enjoy green tea ice cream (own expenses).

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Paljinmi Bibimbap) / Dinner (Gamjatang)



After breakfast, visit Damyang is a bamboo forest cultivated by the town of Damyang. Seonginsan Mountain behind Damyang Hyanggyo (Confucian school) was transformed into Bamboo Garden featuring a beautiful artificial waterfall, pavilion, walking paths and an eco-exhibition center. Continue to Metasequoia Street: Designated as Korea’s most beautiful road in 2002, the Metasequoia-Lined Road is a 4 km stretch of metasequoia trees lined up on both sides and creating an ethereal canopy that changes its colours with the season, especially during the Summer and Autumn when the leaves are green and red. You’ll come across a beautiful and exotic boulevard that looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale. Thereafter, proceed to Huracle Resort Waterpark, a hot spring resort consist of a wave pool, flow pool, jacuzzi pool, aqua spray, lazy pool etc. Note: Please bring swimwear and swim cap to Huracle Waterpark.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast ) / Lunch (Bamboo Rice) / Dinner (Bulgogi)



After breakfast, transfer to the US-originated Premium Factory Outlets and get good bargains on branded products such as Timberland, Nike, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, Giorgio Armani, etc. Proceed for fruit picking session (seasonal). Thereafter, proceed to N Seoul Tower, which sits atop Namsan Mountain. Seoul Tower offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas. Next, visit the Grevin Museum, the first Asian City with France's famous wax museum. View sculptures of your favorite Hollywood celebrities, Hallyu stars and the historical figures. See the spectacular Cheonggyecheon fountains. Continue, to Dongdaemun Market, a great shopping paradise where traditional open-air markets stand alongside modern shoppingmalls with fashionable clothing and accessories selling at inexpensive prices.Note: In the event Grevin Museum is closed, it will be replaced by Trick Art Museum.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (BBQ Buffet) / Dinner (Dolsot Shabu)



Our Seoul city sightseeing will allow all to view the grandeur of the 40-acre Gyeongbok Palace, built in AD 1394 during the Chosun Dynasty. Drive pass the Presidential Blue House, the official home of South Korea’s president. En route, stop at the Korean Taekuk Ginseng Gallery and Korean Cosmetics Showroom where Korea-manufactured beauty products are available at affordable prices. Next, visit the well-preserved houses of Bukchon are well worth visiting. Some of the houses are actual residents of artists; craftsmen; weavers while others have opened up as cultural centres and traditional tea houses. Continue to the DFS. Enjoy more shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts.Note: A levy of S$200 or KRW185,000 will be collected from each passenger who leaves the Seoul City tour group.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Ginseng Chicken Soup + Abalone) / Dinner (KRW10,000 Voucher)



After breakfast, proceed to Healthy Liver Showroom, well-known for its health products such as cordyceps and huganbao iracle tonic. Drive to Hongik University Street, a vibrant and youthful street. It is popular for music, street art, galleries, cafes, and fashionable shops. Enjoy last minute shopping at the Korean Local Produce Convenience Store, offering locally manufactured goodies such as ginseng sweets, kimchi, seaweed, honey citron tea, instant ramen, souvenirs, etc. You will be transferred to the airport for the flight back to Singapore. We hope that you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays.

Meals On Board / Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

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Day 1新加坡 ✈ 仁川 (首尔)



Day 2仁川 - 全罗北道- 全州邻近区


抵达后,由当地导游迎接前往大屯山。您将乘搭缆车(如天气允许) 登上山顶,此景点被誉为韩国最美丽的山景。可行经别具一格的悬桥;当您走在这桥中,您可看到美丽的云海,感觉到云儿在飘,就象人走在仙界中。随着到,论山阳光主题公园由20世纪50年代的开放电影集,生存游戏区,军事体验中心和阳光工作室组成,其中许多场景来自“先生”。 阳光“在这拍成。 在20世纪初的朝鲜时代,这个国家的首都的街道和建筑物被巧妙地复制,让你感觉好像他们已经回到了过去。之后,前往全州韩屋村。这里是由800多个传统韩屋所形成的传统韩屋村。接着,我们从汉吉纸娃娃的旅程开始,学习如何制作传统的韩国纸娃娃灯笼。

飞机餐 / 午餐 (香菇火锅) / 晚餐 (韩定食)

Day 3全州邻近区- 全罗北道邻近区



早餐 (饭店早餐) / 午餐 (曾岛套餐) / 晚餐 (薰鴨肉 + 五花烤肉)

Day 4全罗北道邻近区


今早,前往韩国城镇的一个历史村庄 - 乐安邑城民俗村。 这是一座保存完好的韩国城堡,于2011年成为联合国教科文组织世界遗产。接着, 参观顺天湾花园。这是为了将1.12平方公里的自然栖息地变成保护区而建立的,它拥有超过505种树木和113种花卉。 特别的是众多的郁金香和皇室杜鹃花真是一个难得一见的景象。此外,5月份的油菜花在近30000平方米的场地盛开,形成了一个美丽的黄色“波浪”性的色调。随着, 前往宝城绿茶农场,您会看到绿茶丛林的美景。 大韩大原种植园由于其风景,一直是许多韩国戏剧和广告的拍摄地点。 慢慢地沿着田野漫步,享受美丽的大自然。 你甚至可以享受绿茶冰淇淋(自费)。

早餐 (饭店早餐) / 午餐 (八珍味拌饭) / 晚餐 (马铃薯炖猪骨汤风味)

Day 5全罗北道邻近区 - 潭阳- 天安邻近区


早餐后, 前往参观以竹子之乡远近闻名的潭阳。经过官防堤林和位于荣山江源头潭阳川的乡校后,映入眼帘的竹林就是竹绿园,这里设有一个美丽的人工瀑布,凉亭,步行道和生态展览中心。接着前往水杉林荫道,这天公路在2002年被指定为韩国最美丽的公路。水杉林路两边排列着4公里长的水杉树,形成了随着季节而变化的飘渺树冠,特别是在夏季和秋季时叶子是绿色和红色的。你会遇到一个美丽的异国情调的大道,看起来像是一个童话故事的奇景。路途将到胡拉策度假村乐园,您可体验泡温泉之乐。也可体验到健康浴、桑拿浴及世界上最长的流水池等。室外设施包括人工冲浪装置、流水池、冒险池及儿童池等。(请自备泳装,泳帽)

早餐 (饭店早餐) / 午餐 (竹筒饭) / 晚餐 (韩式烤肉)

Day 6天安邻近区 - 首尔


早餐后,前往名牌直销购物商场。在这里您可以尽情的采购, 这里的产品物有所值。接着,前往水果园采摘水果 (依据季节安排)。顺着到坐落于南山上的首尔塔,在首尔塔上一睹首尔的美丽全景和周边地区。之后参观格雷万,这是亚洲第一个与法国著名蜡像馆联合开办的。这有你最喜欢的好莱坞明星,韩流明星与历史人物雕塑。随着,到浪漫的清溪川河畔,将看到喷泉和小桥。再前往东大门市场,一个伟大的购物天堂,传统的露天市场和现代化的购物中心,以便宜的价格购买时尚的服装和配件。注意:如果格雷万没开放的情况下,行程将由特丽爱3D美术馆取代。

早餐 (饭店早餐) / 午餐 (自助烧烤) / 晚餐 ( 火锅 + 韩国拌饭)

Day 7首尔


早餐后,前往首尔市参观建于1394年的景福宫,专车经韩国总统府“青瓦台”。接着,驱车前往著名的高丽人参展览厅。高丽人参是韩国的国宝级产品。韩国人认为高丽人参是长生不老草,你可以亲睹各种高丽人参及人参制品。高丽人参分成3种如: 为首的天参,地参和人参。它在中医药上占有很重要的位置,世界著名的《本草纲目》作者李时珍说人参可以延年益寿,大补元气,久服轻身延寿。韩国人也深信有此说法。您可在这儿 买到高丽人参,高丽人参精,高丽人参丸等。随着来到著名的韩国化妆品展示厅,您将学习如何护理皮肤,也能购买到南韩出产的化妆品。接着前往参观北村,这里保存完好的房屋非常值得一游。 有些房子是艺术家、工匠和织工的实际居民,而其他则作为文化中心和传统的茶馆。过后到免税店购物。将到首尔的主要购物和旅游区之一的明洞,在这享受更多的购物乐趣。注意:所有参加韩国配套的旅客们不可在半途离团。导游将会向每一位自行离团的游客们索取新币200元 或韩币185,000元的离团费用。

早餐 (饭店早餐) / 午餐 (人参鸡汤 + 鲍鱼) / 晚餐 (韩币10,000元餐券)

Day 8首尔 - 仁川 ✈ 新加坡


早餐后,前往护肝宝专卖店,众所周知的保健产品如冬虫夏草和护肝宝奇迹补品。接着,前往弘益大学街,是一条充满活力和青春的街道。 这里有音乐,街头艺术,画廊,咖啡馆和时尚商店非常受欢迎。顺着前往韩国土产专卖店,您可在这儿买到国内出产的零食、泡菜、人参茶、人参糖、泡面、橘子茶、高等蜂蜜糖、紫菜及韩国纪念品等。您买的产品将有特别包装让您带回国。告别难忘的韩国旅程,送往机场乘坐飞机返回温暖家园,并希望您同中欧航旅共享美丽的回忆。

飞机餐 / 早餐 (饭店早餐)

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)
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More departure dates are coming soon

Price From (SGD)
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More departure dates are coming soon


Immigration procedures require all tourists to possess a passport with minimum 6 months validity from the day of departure. Singapore & Malaysia passport do not require a visa to Korea. For foreign passport, please ensure relevant visa is applied should you need one. It is necessary to bring along re-entry permit or air ticket to country of origin for passenger not holding Singapore passport. It is advisable to keep separately a photocopy of your travel document.



Spring (Mar – May): 15 – 23 °C / 春天 (三月–五月)

Summer (Jun – Aug): 25 – 33°C / 夏天 ( 六月–八月 )

Autumn (Sep – Nov): 12 – 20°C / 秋天 (九月–十一月)

Winter (Dec – Feb): -10 – 12°C /冬天 (十二月–二月)

We suggest you to update the weather through news or internet closer to departure.



Tipping and Service Charges

Total Per Pax (Applicable for 2 years and above):

7D5N Korea Tour: USD 48

8D6N Korea Tour: USD 56

9D7N Korea Tour: USD 64

9D8N Korea Tour: USD 72

Useful Info

Time Difference / 时差 :

Korea is one hour ahead of Singapore. 韩国比新加坡快一个小时。

Electric Current and Adaptor / 电压

It is essential to bring a plug adaptor of 2 round pins for 220V outlet.

韩国使用双圆插头,220 瓦特。


1. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather conditions, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or altered. Alternative attractions will be substituted without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure a smoother journey and tour.

2. All bookings will be subjected to terms and conditions as stipulated in this brochure.

3. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.

4. Minimum group size of 16 passengers is required for a confirmed departure. Group size of 15 and below will solely be at the discretion of ASA Holidays and passengers need to accept the arrangement.

5. Tour is conducted in Mandarin.

6. All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards.

7. During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned

8. ASA Holidays recommends you to buy travel insurance for your travel to ensure coverage.

9. All flights are subject to change without prior notice.

10. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itinerary, please refer to English version.

11. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences of the room allocated.

12. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions; KRW15,000 per person (submarine), KRW5,000 per person (jetboat) and KRW5,000 per person (Mount Sorak Cable-car) will be refunded should they be cancelled due to adverse weather. No further claims will be entertained.

13. For groups of 26 passengers and above, we will have a tour manager to accompany the tour throughout.

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