• COEX Starfield Library

• DIY Gimbap Experience + Wear Hanbok Experience

• Korean Ginseng Specialty Store

• Korean cosmetics

• Healthy Liver Showroom

• Seongsu-dong Café St.

• Dongdaemun Market

• Myeongdong


• Daecheon Beach and enjoy the Sky Bike ride

• Apple Watermelon picking (seasonal)


• Tapsa

• Jaman Mural Village

• Jeonju Hanok Village

• Jeondong Cathedral

• Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village

• Gunsan Modern History Museum

• Hirotsu House

• Lee Sung Dang bakery / Red Bean Bun


• Penguin Village

• Korean authentic food cooking experience

• Damyang Meta sequoia Road

• Bamboo Green Garden

• Seomjingang Gokseong Train Village

• Purple Island

• Taepyeong Salt Farm / 500g Salt + Salt Ice-cream + Straw Hat

• Sea Salt Cave Healing Center

• Salt Museum

• Naju Traditional Market


6 Hotel Breakfast, 5 Lunches, 4 Dinners


6 Nights Hotel Stay (Included 2 Nights Seoul 5 Star hotel)

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Seoul.Note : In the event of morning flight, passengers will take a first journey to the late 19th century in an old-style electric car and can take a tour of the open port area. After that, you'll have fresh seafood noodles before checking into your hotel in Incheon.Enjoy an Eco-friendly car + an additional dinner (Seafood Noodle) and Hotel breakfast.

Meals On Board



Upon arrival, meet and greet with our local representative. Proceed to Daecheon Beach and enjoy the Sky Bike ride along the coastline and the amazing panoramic views. Next, visit Gyeongam-dong Railroad Village, a quaint area built along disused railroad tracks with murals and retro shops selling candy and souvenirs. Thereafter, visit the Gunsan Modern History Museum, The museum exhibits past images of Gunsan, showing the city's rise and importance as a West Sea maritime distribution port. Next proceeds to the area of Sinheung-dong, where the Hirotsu House is located, which was a residential area for the wealthy class during the Japanese occupation period. In the afternoon, we will visit Lee Sung Dang bakery, known to be the oldest bakery in Korea, established in 1945. (complimentary - 1 bean paste bun per person)

Dinner (Octopus Ginseng Chicken Soup )



After breakfast, we will proceed to Damyang Metasequoia Road, one of Korea’s most beautiful forest paths. Full length 8.5km, forming a fantastic wooden funnel. Continue to Bamboo Green Garden, Stroll through the lush bamboo forest and enjoy a bamboo bath. we will enjoy Korean authentic food cooking experience. Next, visit to Penguin Village - A penguin-themed village, where waste is used to decorate the village.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Pork Ribs Meatloaf ) / Dinner (Grilled Duck & Pork Meat)



Today, we will proceed to Purple Island, Korea’s latest Instagrammable place. Everything is purple here, from fields of purple flowers, purple roads, purple houses, purple bridges and even purple-themed foods! The next place to visit seems to be the Uyuni Desert Taepyeong Salt Farm, where we called Korea Uyuni, the largest sun-dried salt producer in Korea. Get hands-on experience of making salt. Everyone can obtain a 500-gram bag of salt and taste salt ice cream. Thereafter, enjoy salt therapy at the Salt Cave Healing Center and visit Salt Museum to learn more about the manufacturing process of salt, arguably one of the most under-appreciated ingredients in everyday life. The very last destination is Naju Traditional Market, so you can buy some fresh fruit in this market & etc.Note : Hands-on salt making is not possible due to weather problems. We will be replaced by Ocean View Café, where they will serve one drink per customer.Note: Wear purple clothes or a hat when you visit Purple Island..............................................................................................................

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Special Purple Rice Set) / Dinner (Octopus Hot Pot)



After breakfast, visit Seomjingang Gokseong Train Village, where you can enjoy listening to the blunt sound of a locomotive. You can also see the rose festival in May. After that, go to Tapsa (Pagoda Temple) and the Stone Pagodas of Mount Mai, a small Korean Buddhist temple complex in Maisan (Horse Ear Mountain) in North Jeolla Province, South Korea. Named after more than 80 stone pagodas stacked by Li Jialong (the last area in Korea where cherry blossoms bloom). Now we are driving into Jaman Mural Village. It is a fairly steep walk up to Jaman Village, visitors will be able to enjoy colourful murals painted on the buildings and walls along the way.Seasonal Inclusion (1 – 8April)Wansan Flower Garden is famous for spring flowers: Cherry Blossoms with multi-fold petals, Royal Azaleas, Yeongsanhong flowers, Apple Flowers and many more. Every April to May, the flower garden is very popular.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast) / Lunch (Charcoal Grilled Pork Ribs) / Dinner (Abalone Stone Hot Pot Bibimbap)



This morning after breakfast, will proceed to Jeonju Hanok Village, a cultural village with traditional Korean Hanok houses, plus calligraphy and sake museums. Next, visit Jeondong Cathedral, one of the three major cathedrals in Korea. Thereafter, proceed to farm picking Apple Watermelon (Picking season will begins at the end of April till end of October). Next, visit to the COEX Starfield Library, it is full of artistic space. The open patio design combines the whole sky with the library. The bookcase makes people marvel at its magnificence and beauty. It is simply a dream IG check-in attraction! Note: If picking Apple Watermelon in early April is not available, we will visit Nonsan Sunshine Land, which is the drama "Mr. Sunshine" filming site.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast ) / Lunch (Famous Local Dish Jeonju Bibimbap) )



After breakfast, proceed to Korean Ginseng Specialty Store. You may wish to purchase the world-famous Taiji ginseng and ginseng essence, which have great eff ects on regulating the body and nourishing qi. Next, enjoy shopping at the Korean Cosmetics Store where Korea-manufactured beauty products are available at aff ordable prices. Following that, you will enjoy the DIY Gimbap Experience + Wear Hanbok Experience. Do you know Netfl ix K-drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”? This time you can make Gimbap like Woo! There is also a diff erent Korean travel experience [Traditional Costumes Experience] put on the ancient traditional Hanbok, and happily capture the beautiful shadow in the antique traditional Hanok-style scene. We will continue our shopping in Myeongdong Shopping Street, Myeongdong has always been the number one tourist attraction in Seoul and a must-see for foreign tourists. The reason is that Myeongdong has the highest land price in Korea, the fl oating population can reach more than one million a day, and it is the most famous shopping and sightseeing spot in Korea

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast ) / Lunch (Michelin Restaurant Satisfy Pork Knuckle Set )



After breakfast, proceed to the Healthy Liver Showroom, The main ingredient of Huganbao, Hovenia dulcis fruit stalk extract powder HD-1, Premium, was selected from the Hovenia dulcis tree by the research of Dr. Luo Tianxiu for 10 years, using high and low molecular separation methods, which is very effective for the liver functional effect. Shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts. You will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope that you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays.

Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

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Day 1新加坡✈仁川(首尔)


集合于新加坡樟宜机场,乘搭客机飞往韩国 - 首尔。注: 如果是乘早上航班,抵达后前往乘坐老式电动汽车首次前往19世纪末,探访126年岁月痕迹积累的开港期历史与文化。在仁川吃新鲜的海鲜刀削面和入住酒店


Day 2仁川—群山


抵达后前往大川海水浴场,沿着海岸线乘坐天空自行车,可以欣赏到惊人的全景。接下来参观沿着废弃的铁轨建成的古色古香的京岩洞铁路村,有销售糖果和纪念品的壁画复古店。 此后前往群山近代历史博物馆,展现了最早期开创与中国大陸贸易交流的见证史。再去参观日帝占領时期曾是富裕阶层的住宅區—新兴洞。下午参观韩国历史最悠久的面包店—李成堂面包店,成立于1945年。(赠送-每人一个豆沙包)

晚餐 (八爪鱼人参鸡汤煲)

Day 3群山~光州~罗州~全罗南道地区


潭阳水杉路是韩国最美丽的林荫道之一。全长8.5公里,形成了一个奇妙的漏斗形狀。继续前往竹绿园,漫步于茂密的竹林中,享受竹浴。之後学习韩国正宗的韓國料理烹饪体验。接下来参观企鹅村, 这是一个以企鹅为主题的村庄,但這裡不像一般彩繪村是用壁畫來妝點,在這會看到很多利用這裡的居民不要的物品來裝飾村莊。

早餐 (酒店享用) / 午餐 (排骨煎肉饼) / 晚餐 (鸭肉及猪肉燒烤)

Day 4罗州-全罗南道新安岛



早餐 (酒店享用) / 午餐 (紫米饭套餐) / 晚餐 (八爪鱼火锅)

Day 5罗州--谷城--全罗北道全州市


早餐后前往蟾津江谷城火车村,可以欣赏火车头发出的鳴笛声。(五月會有玫瑰节慶典)。接下來參觀馬耳山上石塔寺,以李家龙堆砌的80多座石塔命名。也是全韩国靈氣最旺的地方。(此地為韩国最后一个樱花盛开的地区)再來进入滋滿璧画村-这是一个相当陡峭的地區,步行到滋滿村沿途可以欣赏到彩绘在建筑物和墙壁上的画。季节性赠游 – 全州完山公園 以樱花闻名于世,多瓣花、杜鹃花、永山红、苹果花……等等。

早餐 (酒店享用) / 午餐 (炭烤豬排) / 晚餐 (鲍鱼砂锅拌饭)

Day 6全州 - 首尔


早餐后前往全州韩屋村、全州韓屋村是韓國唯一在城市中保存下來最完善的韓屋聚落,大約有800多幢韓屋,散發著傳統生活文化氣息的韓國代表性旅遊勝地。接下来参观韩国三大教堂之一的殿东圣堂。然后到农场采摘苹果西瓜 (采摘季节在4月底到10月底) 接下来,参观COEX Starfield图书馆,这里充满了艺术空间。开放的庭院设计将整个天空与图书馆融为一体。书架让人讚叹于它的雄伟和美丽。這裡也是一个梦幻般的IG打卡景点!注 : 如果4月初不能摘苹果西瓜,将代替前往电视剧《阳光先生》拍摄地。

早餐 (酒店享用,) / 午餐 (全州韩式拌饭)

Day 7首尔


早餐后, 前往高丽人参专卖店。不妨购买世界闻名的太极参和人参精华,它们对调理身体和养气有很好的作用。接下来, 在可以以優惠价格购买韩国制造美容产品的韩国化妆品卖场, 享受购物乐趣。之後參加DIY紫菜包饭体验+穿韩服体验。之後參觀首尔圣水洞咖啡街-首爾布鲁克林區, 这里原本是一个制鞋区,如今已成为韩国首尔的"IG"景点,这里有仓库改建的和咖啡厅及精品店。之后來到东大门市场参观传统露天市场与时尚服装、饰品。以優惠的价格销售的购物天堂。

早餐 (酒店享用) / 午餐 (米其林餐厅 满足猪腳套餐 )

Day 8首尔—仁川✈新加坡


早餐后, 前往护肝宝中心,護肝寶的主成分 <枳椇子果柄提取粉末HD-1,Premium> 是經羅天秀博士用10年時間研究,用高分子及低分子的分離方法從枳椇樹中選取了對肝臟有非常優秀機能性功效。继续在明洞购物街购物。明洞是韩国首尔最有名的购物和观光地。之後前往仁川机场乘飞机回新加坡。希望和ASA假期一起度过难忘的假期。

早餐 (酒店享用)

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*Note: Confirmed departure dates were highlighted in Green color .

Price From (SGD)
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More departure dates are coming soon

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More departure dates are coming soon


Please ensure relevant visa is applied should you need one. It is necessary to bring along re-entry permit or air ticket to country of origin for passenger not holding Singapore passport. It is advisable to keep separately a photocopy of your travel document.



Spring (Mar – May): 15 – 23 °C / 春天 (三月–五月)

Summer (Jun – Aug): 25 – 33°C / 夏天 ( 六月–八月 )

Autumn (Sep – Nov): 12 – 20°C / 秋天 (九月–十一月)

Winter (Dec – Feb): -10 – 12°C /冬天 (十二月–二月)

We suggest you to update the weather through news or internet closer to departure.



Tipping and Service Charges

Total Per Pax (Applicable for 2 years and above):

8 Days 6 Nights : KRW: 90,000

9 Days 7 Nights : KRW: 100,000

Useful Info

Time Difference / 时差 :

Korea is one hour ahead of Singapore. 韩国比新加坡快一个小时。

Electric Current and Adaptor / 电压

It is essential to bring a plug adaptor of 2 round pins for 220V outlet.

韩国使用双圆插头,220 瓦特。


1. In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather conditions, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or altered. Alternative attractions will be substituted without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure a smoother journey and tour.

2. All bookings will be subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in this brochure.

3. Admission and entrance ticket will be included when specified.

4. Minimum group size of 16 passengers is required for a confirmed departure. Group size of 15 and below will solely be at the discretion of ASA Holidays and passengers need to accept the arrangement.

5. The tour is conducted in Mandarin.

6. All hotel ratings are based on local standards. In the event that accommodation in the stated hotel is unavailable, it will be replaced by another hotel of similar standards.

7. During major events, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned.

8. ASA Holidays recommends that you to buy travel insurance for your trip to ensure coverage.

9. All flights are subject to change without prior notice.

10. In the event of discrepancies between English and Chinese itinerary, please refer to the English version.

11. Room types are based on run of the house and allocated by respective hotels. ASA Holidays will not be responsible for the differences in the room allocated.

12. A levy of SGD250 or KRW250,000 will be collected from each passenger who leaves the tour group in Seoul.

13. For groups of 20 passengers and above, we will have a tour manager to accompany the tour throughout.

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